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Dragon Wings German

Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

Me 109E-3, White 13, Oberleutnant Heinz Bar, 1./JG51, Battle of Britain
Warbirds Series. A poorly proportioned and basically ugly model of a great aircraft. Unlike the Dragon Wings Me 109G and Fw 190A, this particular model and the mould it was made from misses the mark by a country mile.

Fuselage balloons. The fuselage is too tall. This makes the nose bulbous and ugly, and too big for the model. Compare this model with the Corgi version, then go out and compare both to a photograph of the real thing.

Parsimonious painter. The yellow paint on the nose is too thin. This makes the spinner a lighter, richer yellow than the cowling.

Pooped prop. The prop blades are too thick and don't have enough angle-of-attack to spin the prop when you blow on it (we're all kids at heart, aren't we?).

Ratchet the rudder. There is an extra notch in the rudder not seen in the actual aircraft. The notch was added to allow the rudder on the model to swing. While some may believe motion is poetry, I think the notch ruins the looks of the model.

Parting out. Having to assemble so many small parts is both a hazard and a pain. It's a hazard because the tiny pieces keep getting lost (and thankfully found), and a pain because the pieces most often don't fit and have to be filed down. The canopy has an open option, but the plastic is so thick it ruins the illusion of an open canopy. Also, the wind screen doesn't line up straight, and the aerial that fits in the back part of the open canopy is too short and won't stay in the hole provided without a daub of tacky glue. The landing gear toes in, and looks too small for the overly large fuselage.

Free advice. Dragon Wings, take it back and start over.

Type Land-based fighter
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Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

Me-109E-1, Yellow 11, 9./JG2, Battle of Britain
Warbirds Series. See White 13 above for comments about this model. There is no improvement at all; in fact, on this one, the strut holding up the right-hand tailplane is bowed. Click here to see both models together.

Type Land-based fighter
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